Members of our team are experts in all areas of coalition creation and management including:

  1. Identifying coalition assets, liabilities and gaps
  2. Setting coalition goals and benchmarks
  3. Developing a plan of action to achieve coalition objectives
  4. Assembling and managing teams of dedicated professionals

In our experience, each coalition is different because of subject matter, timing, audience, and targets.  In addition to various tax issues, we've run an awareness campaign on a broad health care issue, a bipartisan coalition to advance philanthropy, a public awareness initiative to make the case to employers about the value of employee retirement benefits, and a nonprofit campaign to fund early education.  These coalitions have been geared towards audiences ranging from the general public to Congress to the administration.  

Our firm is bipartisan because success requires broad support - now more than ever.  Our associates are hired from both the House and Senate, and left and right sides of the aisle.  Urban Swirski has the tools and expertise to accomplish your goals in Washington and beyond.

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